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Increase Your Cyber Maturity with Managed Detection and Response

Effective cybersecurity is about being proactive. That means organizations must go past simply meeting compliance requirements and master their cyber maturity.

A key aspect of achieving cyber maturity revolves around managed detection and response (MDR).

What is MDR?

Similar to a risk-based cybersecurity approach, MDR services focus on methods that go beyond best practices and compliance. MDR services combine advanced analytics, threat intelligence, and human expertise in incident investigation and response.¹

Benefits of Managed Detection and Response

MDR services build on the successful core foundation of managed services such as an MSSP or MCCP to add an additional layer of maturity to your cybersecurity plan. Here are some of the most valuable benefits:

It’s a massive sign of weakness. We’ve allowed foes to infiltrate our infrastructure and stay there, undetected. And our response? We issue fines2. It took a pandemic for people to understand they need to stay home when they're sick. What is enough for people to wake up to this threat? 

  • Improved Cyber Maturity: MDR services proactively focus on day-one threats. This can help your organization stay abreast of the most current cyber threats and stay ahead of lagging industry standards.
  • Move Beyond Compliance: As we’ve stated before, compliance is merely a step in your cybersecurity process. MDR services empower your organization to build on and master compliance standards.
  • Be Proactive, Not Reactive: While this may seem like a no-brainer, a proactive and agile response is key when it comes to cybersecurity. The fewer gaps you have, the better.
  • Faster and More Effective Incident Response: In the event your organization does fall victim to a cyberattack, MDR services will ensure you have appropriate measures in place to isolate the root cause and reduce recovery time, minimizing the overall damage of the attack and addressing any issues post-recovery.

MDR Within a Cyber Risk SaaS Provider

MDR services follow the same principles that Conquest Cyber has built our approach on, focusing on a risk-based cybersecurity framework as a cyber risk SaaS provider.

Dealing with risk requires a long-term strategy, a holistic approach, and continuous and adaptive risk management. Conquest Cyber understands the risk faced by companies
across many different industries. Our experience enables us to build end-to-end risk
management strategies designed to continuously adapt to new threats and emerging
technologies, as well as scale upwards with your organizational growth.

We’re removing the complexity and are simplifying the end-user experience through our
Strategic Cyber Operations (SCyOps™) and Adaptive Risk Management Executive Dashboard
(ARMED™) software solutions.

Download the ARMED Infosheet

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