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How CMMC Compliance Gives Defense Contractors a Competitive Edge

What is CMMC?

In business with the Department of Defense? If you are, CMMC applies to you! Beginning Fall 2020 organizations will be required to be audited before bidding on a contract with the DoD. This means that every contractor, or organization must be certified in order to work with the DoD.

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) serves as a verification tool to establish appropriate levels of maturity for cyber controls ranging from levels 1 through 5. Level 1 being basic cyber hygiene and everyday controls requiring compliance with FAR 52 controls, while level 5 is categorized as the state of the art, most advanced and progressive level of cyber controls. Level 5 requires compliance with all NIST SP 800-171 controls along with many enhancements from 800-171b.

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This certification will ensure only the best cybersecurity posture for the Defense Industrial Base by subjecting every single contractor to these strict cybersecurity requirements to protect the sensitive government data that they obtain.

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Gain a Competitive Edge with CMMC Compliance

Although it is a requirement, from a competitive standpoint, it is very beneficial for an organization to have this certification. How does CMMC give you the competitive edge? Stated by DoD CISO, Katie Arrington, the new approach should allow contractors to command a higher price for their more secure services.

You can achieve this competitive edge through leveraging Microsoft Government Community Cloud (GCC HIGH), managed services, and managed security services – increasing cyber resiliency, and reducing risk to all DoD customers.

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Get a Head Start on CMMC Compliance

Get ahead of the game and get certified early! Smaller organizations can get a head start by implementing basic controls and simply changing certain procedures to be more oriented towards good cyber hygiene which may certify CMMC level 1 controls.

Moving forward, as an organization becomes more advanced and progresses from “basic” to “intermediate” or “good” cyber hygiene, they may move on to become CMMC level 2 or 3 certified. If an organization wants to get certified for level 4 and 5, they must be at a proactive, or advanced/progressive level of practice.

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One way to help enable level 4/5 of CMMC compliance is through our ARMED™ product suite. It provides constant visibility of progression in CMMC and can allow the capabilities to extend down to sub-contractors.

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The ARMED™ suite enables radical transparency into the compliance, maturity, and effectiveness of technology investments across government and highly regulated industries. Request a demo today!

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